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CHAPTER 5.5.5 - 5.5.8

EXAMPLE 5.5.5. Sound: section from beginning of part II

EXAMPLE 5.5.6. Sound: section from middle of part II

The music in Fält consists largely of fixed electronic music. It is in itself diverse in style, sound and function. In some parts the music is a static soundscape that forms a sonic backdrop for certain scenes. In other parts these backdrops have a rhythmic, beat-oriented character, similar to contemporary electronica in sound and style. Yet other parts were built on a gestural approach leaning on classic electroacoustic music.

In the performance were also a number of rock-blues-jazz songs performed by the singer Zofia William Åsenlöf. In some of these songs I also joined in as a musician playing electric guitar, piano and sound objects.


EXAMPLE 5.5.7.a Video: Lullaby, beginning of part I

EXAMPLE 5.5.7.b Video: Lullaby, end of part V

EXAMPLE 5.5.8. Video: Save my Soul, end of part II