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The Bells

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CHAPTER 5.5.9 - 5.5.11

EXAMPLE 5.5.9. Sound: Excerpts from rehearsal sessions working out material for one of the rock songs

EXAMPLE 5.5.10. Video: Corresponding section from end of part II in the performance

EXAMPLE 5.5.11. Video: Performance, part IV

The mother

I´ll just sit here. I won´t say anything. It´s enough that I get to sit here. Here. That I get to sit quietly and don´t have to say anything. If I can stay alive. If I just don´t have to die. If only I get to live until I die.


I  know  what  happened  to  him.  He  knows  what  happened  to  me. We  can  say  things  to  each other that we can´t say to someone who has not been there. It's reassuring.

The young boy

I got no chance if I stay. If I stay I´ll die. I will go away from here. I have family that I can go to, that promised to help me. So I can get away from here.

The young man

What were you doing in there?

The young woman


The young man


The young woman


The young man

Nothing  what  kind  of  nothing?  You  were  naked  in  there  with  the  fucking  sweaty  motherfucker. There were more than one. I saw two of them all over you.

The young woman

Please. Please don´t say anything, don´t ask no more.

The young man

I  saw  you.  I  saw  you  fuck  them  although  you  promised  you  wouldn´t,  I  saw  you  with  them.  I  saw  you  in  there  with  them,  I  saw  you.  They  were  two  of  them  and  you  were naked  in  there.  No.  Don´t  lie.  I  don´t  wanna  hear  your  lies  anymore  your  fucking  cunt  you  hear  me?  No,  I  don´t  want  to  hear  another  word  from  you  if  you  say  one  fucking word, I´ll kick your fucking cunt, you hear me? I´ll rip your fucking cunt out of you but you would just feel good about that, wouldn´t you?

The mother

I  live  in  a  different  world.  I  just  want  to  live  until  I  die.  In  another  way,  not  like  this  death.

The young man

Don´t you think I saw you? How they fucked you? There was bleeding from your pussy. Did you like it?

The young woman

Kill  me  what  do  I  care?  I'm  already  dead.  It  doesn´t  matter.  There  is  no  difference  between this death or any other death or someone else's death, it's all the same thing.


So I went to the neighbors and it just happened. I had my rifle so I squeezed the trigger and it just happened. I shot the rest too. I shot them. They were, after all, no better than animals any of them. They were like dirty pigs. All of them. The newspaper said so. They had taken our jobs, and I was alone and they had big families. They were dirty too. And they  screamed.  The  children  were  playing  outside.  People  didn´t  like  them.  Somebody  had to. But they were after all my neighbors. We had lived on the same street since we were little. I went to school with. Yes, with. And then the war started. And nobody asked what  had  happened.  I  had  to  escape.  I  think  about  it  of  course.  It  got  worse,  the  explosions and shots echoed between the buildings. I lost my eyes later. I still had them at that time.