Indy500: seklernas udde

Three actors, guitar, saxophone, percussion,

electronics, stage design, costume design


The car race Indy 500, which takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the USA since 1911, has been described as the world’s greatest sport event. Taking Marinetti’s fourth paragraph as point of departure, Indy500: The promontory of the centuries concludes that we are already living in the future, with speed and consumption as linked matter in what has become a religion in which the global brands are the proponents of this global church.


Text: Jörgen Dahlqvist | Music: Kent Olofsson | Actors: Daniel Nyström, Linda Ritzén & Rafael Pettersson | Musicians: Stefan Östersjö (guitars), Jörgen Pettersson (saxophones) & Johan Westberg (percussion) | Construction of percussion instrument, stage installations, technician & coordinator: Johan Nordström | Light and Stage Design: Johan Bergman | Costume and stage design: Jenny Ljungberg | Working period: March-November 2009 |  Premiere: Skånes Dansteater, Malmö, November 14, 2009